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Red Light Rabbit

Title : Red Light Rabbit
Release Date : May 25, 2010
Format : CD

The Quick & Easy Boys’ sophomore effort is a highly recommendable album to a broad range of tastes. The band blends a wide array of genres so seamlessly you may even end up liking sounds you didn’t like before. Fun, exciting and authentic, Red Light Rabbit is a mixture of rock, funk, country, soul and danceable beats that doesn’t sound like it was put together in a hipster laboratory for the sake of being ironic, it sounds like the band genuinely digs these styles of music and decided to have fun with them – and, if anything, Red Light Rabbit is a very fun album to listen to. By all means, seek this one out and play it loud. Your neighbors will appreciate it! Red Light Rabbit is one of this year’s highlights you don’t want to pass by.

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