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The Quick & Easy Boys are a power-trio from Portland, OR that create their own brand of rock and roll using elements from the Minutemen, the Police, and Band of Gypsy’s among others...The Boys had a busy summer playing three sets at NorthWest String Summit, a hot late night set in Idaho at the Sawtooth Valley Gathering and performed at Salmonfest in Ninilchik, Alaska. Additional accolades include two sets at High Sierra Music Festival 2018, and the release of their 7th album “Ninkasi Sessions” - out now on Dutch Records (Worlds Finest, Dirty Revival). The Quick & Easy Boys have played with or backed-up Turkuaz, Deer Tick, The Funky Meters, Cris Jacobs, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary), Fruition, Scott Pemberton, and many more.


On their latest album — NINKASI SESSIONS — the Boys teamed up with Ninkasi Brewery and producer/engineer James Book to cut nine tracks at Ninkasi’s in-house music studio in Eugene, OR. The loose, no-pressure attitude fostered by Book and Ninkasi allowed the band the freedom to create some of the songs on the spot, as well as explore their musical influences from disco to country, funk to soul and more. The results are nine tracks that showcase what The Quick & Easy Boys do best: have fun and jam

Jimmy Russell

Guitar | Vocals

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Tyrone Hendrix

Drums | Percussion

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Sean Badders

Bass | Vocals

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When Sean Badders—vocalist and bassist for Portland’s The Quick and Easy Boys—says that he and his band mates said: “F*** it, let’s just make the best album we can regardless of what the songs are or how it might be perceived,” before recording Follow Us Overboard, he provides all the insight needed for 15 rambunctious tracks that seem to terrorize rock and roll. Known for their psychedelic tirades, The Quick and Easy Boys get to work early on the album: By minute three, they abandon the bluesy structure of the sixminute opening track “Breathe” in favor of a guitar solo anthem that shreds right through the otherwise soulful song. And if that sounds good, there’s more of that on the record; a lot more like the nitrouscharged.ous-charged track “Die,” which pairs Iron Maiden-inspired guitar licks with vintage Echo & the Bunnymen vocals.


According to Badders, the crew set out to make a record that combined the sounds of the BeeGees with The Flaming Lips and at times his high-pitched vocals do sound brothers-Gibb-esque, but make no mistake, the oomph behind them on stampeding, charged songs like “See Her Changing” mask any notions of disco, Follow Us Overboard is 100 percent head-banging, no-polyester-allowed, denim rock. For an independent release, The Quick and Easy Boys turned in a robust list of collaborations which include record producer Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) and the borrowed private studio—and instruments— of Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse). And in the end, combining more polished studio recordings with disjointed iPad-demo interludes, Follow Us Overboard is exactly what Badders says the band wanted the album to be.

“I joke that it’s like the first album we did, only 50 times better due to increased musicianship, songwriting and the help of Steve Berlin producing,” said Badders. “We really wanted to make this a weird, psychedelic rock album that was consistent throughout, but also slightly off in a good way.”



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